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michael sandidge

I live and breath mma. When I'm not working my fulltime job im putting hours in training and preparing for my next fight. I enjoy putting on a good show for the...

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Chris Han

I am chasing the dream of being a UFC fighter and won't stop till I get it. I have wrestled for 10 years. I was a CIF placer in high school and also wrestled at...

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Alfred Jones Jr.

To earn a sponsor an MMA fighter should embody certain characteristics such as continually evolving talent, dedication, hard work and a winning record. I believ...

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Cassia Schmeeckle

I work hard, I train hard, and I am driven. I want to be the best and I am not afraid to face the challenges to achieve that goal. I am humble both in successes...

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Malik Epperson

I am a motivated fighter who has pride in everything that I do. I also am very family oriented as I have a wife and three kids that I want to set a good example...

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Jake Lee Chandler-Strong

Well disciplined martial artist look for a career in martial arts. Prefer fighting on the ground usually of my back with submissions or on top with ground an...

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Kyle Cavazos

Kyle Rey Cavazos

Contrary to stereotypes it is such a humbling sport and I am honored to say that it has saved my life. It has induced ambition and drive in such a manner that I...

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Bryan Agoston

Young fighter trying to make a big name for my self trying to make it to the UFC. Bryan Agoston age 21, height 5'8 weighing in at 145lbs record 3-0 will b...

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Shock N Awe Ammy Flyweight Champ

Michael D`Aguiar

My name is Michael D`aguiar I am a 26 year old Mixed Martial Artist who fights out of Gym01 Portsmouth. I am a regular competitor in MMA & Brazilian JiuJ...

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Michael Joesph Blair

I should be sponsored so I can compete at a more steady pace with a sponsor i can spend more time showing you my value.I dont back down and locally I have beat ...

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Aden Bishop

I am a young and upcoming mma fighter. I am only 7 but I want to be the best mma fighter of all time. I train 5 days a week in mma, jui jitsui,wrestling,muay th...

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Dennis Paiva

With nearly 10 fights at the young age of 23, you could say that I live to fight, it is this passion that makes me hunt for the finish in all of my fights

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Kuldeep Singh Sekhon

An undefeated newcomer to the sport, I have so far used my wrestling to break the will of my opponents before getting the finish in the later rounds. This is ac...

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Paula Lanko

Womens MMA is currently at its infant stage however as more sponsors begin to turn toward this new division in MMA, it helps the division to grow. Which is the ...

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Sandeep Kumar

Four wins and four knockouts its safe to say that I bring excitement every time I step into the cage, I am fan favourite and look the please the crowd with ever...

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Callum Grant

Holding a number of titles from many organisations in the Australia and Oceania region, I have been able to mass together a very high quality skill set from all...

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Juan Queresma

Having started my MMA career later in my life than most up and coming fighters, one would think that I possess less skills than another fighter at a similar age...

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Benjamin High

A top prospect in Australia, I have been tipped as one of the next fighters to follow in the footsteps of George Sotiropolous and the other Australian greats

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Brogan Walker

I look forward to representing Women's MMA with deep respect, pride and dignity. I have and continue to train 6 days a week over the last 5 years and I am looki...

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Jason Solomon

Fighting out of the biggest fight promotion in India, SFL and also slowing becoming one of the biggest organisations in the world. I have massed together an und...

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Robert Taylor

I believe I am worthy of sponsorship. Even though I have no record MMA win, I do have a considerable amount of non-recorded experience. The range of experience...

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Anthony Diguera

Training under the tutelage of one of the greatest in the sport, Cung Le, I have been lucky enough to gain some of the greatest stand up techniques in the world...

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Evan Rosa

With a current undefeated record, my amateur wrestling background has translated perfectly into MMA giving me the base that I needed for the sport, not only thi...

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Vitor Pronto

The portugese MMA scene is small in comparison to other countries in Europe for example England. However I believe that with more of our fighters receiving inte...

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Nikolai Alex

Fighting out of Ruse, Bulgaria I have only been a part of scraps in the cage, with knockout power in both of my hands, I have been a threat to all opponents tha...

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Jordan Stiner

I should be sponsored because I am an elite fighter in the Northeast region of the United States and I can help you effectively brand your product. I was ranked...

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Walter Matthew Strickland

Unstoppable will. Magnetic personality . Exciting finisher. Undefeated and never been to a decision . Great representative of the fight game. Textbook mma fight...

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Aden Bishop

I am a young and upcoming mma fighter. I am only 7 but I want to be the best mma fighter of all time. I train 5 days a week in mma, jui jitsui,wrestling,muay th...

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My second fight poster

Chaz dowdell

I'm a great at representing products on social media, on the streets, and when I compete that its a hobby for me. Unfortunately none of my current sponsors help...

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Shaun gollins

I am training 6 times a week very confident but also so get very nervous lol I need sponsors not just for my self but for my club were trying to help the local ...

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