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Thomas Doyle

I made my amateur debut at Madison Square Garden in front of 4,000 people I was the first person to ever fight at the garden and I won in 2 mins against a high ...

21 total views, 13 today


Dillion Cox

I'm a fresh new talent, with an Iowa style mindset to build leads and finish hard. Transferred my wrestling ability and training regimen over to MMA and its pro...

28 total views, 13 today


Kai Staton

I have been fighting since I was 8 years old. I work hard to excel in every part of my training. I especially work hard in my Jiu Jitsu training. I have a stron...

62 total views, 2 today


Patrick Davis

I'm in this game for the long haul. I train seven days a week and I'm hungry to become the best of the best. My ultimate goal is to be the greatest of all time,...

101 total views, 16 today


Jamaal Nigel Miller

I'm an unrivaled talent. I'm athletic, skilled, imaginative and hungry.All I need is a team and a plan and its history. I like all aspects of fighting stand up,...

151 total views, 14 today

Prison Made Videos 021


***CHECK OUT MY NEW VIDEO TO WHAT YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT SPONSORING http://youtu.be/sXSfUdhmKGs*** I did 3 years in Prison. In prison I learned Martial Arts...

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Jason Hopkins

Jason Hopkins

I'm a former underground fighter making the transition to commercial mainstream MMA. I will be fighting amateur for the end of 2014 and 2015 as well. I will tak...

377 total views, 11 today


Javy Ayala

I am the number 30 heavyweight in the world, http://www.fightmatrix.com/mma-ranks/heavyweight-265-lbs/ I am currently 8-3 overall and 3-0 in Bellator this is a...

153 total views, 8 today


Pam Sorenson

I've been given an amazing opportunity to fight in a tournament in Las Vegas that will result in a multi-fight contract with Invicta FC for the winner. I have e...

252 total views, 9 today


Ty Ashcraft

Because I will represent your team to the best of my abilities. Through social media, walkout in your gear. Banners etc

260 total views, 9 today

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Aden Bishop

I am a young and upcoming mma fighter. I am only 7 but I want to be the best mma fighter of all time. I train 5 days a week in mma, jui jitsui,wrestling,muay th...

7436 total views, 55 today


Dennis Paiva

With nearly 10 fights at the young age of 23, you could say that I live to fight, it is this passion that makes me hunt for the finish in all of my fights

3562 total views, 12 today


Paula Lanko

Womens MMA is currently at its infant stage however as more sponsors begin to turn toward this new division in MMA, it helps the division to grow. Which is the ...

1885 total views, 59 today


Kuldeep Singh Sekhon

An undefeated newcomer to the sport, I have so far used my wrestling to break the will of my opponents before getting the finish in the later rounds. This is ac...

1776 total views, 173 today

Alex jimenez

I should be sponsored because i'm a 16 year old champion that works hard everyday and would wear any company willing to give me a chance with pride!

1597 total views, 5 today


Sandeep Kumar

Four wins and four knockouts its safe to say that I bring excitement every time I step into the cage, I am fan favourite and look the please the crowd with ever...

1452 total views, 13 today


Callum Grant

Holding a number of titles from many organisations in the Australia and Oceania region, I have been able to mass together a very high quality skill set from all...

1430 total views, 6 today


Juan Queresma

Having started my MMA career later in my life than most up and coming fighters, one would think that I possess less skills than another fighter at a similar age...

1339 total views, 44 today


Benjamin High

A top prospect in Australia, I have been tipped as one of the next fighters to follow in the footsteps of George Sotiropolous and the other Australian greats

1244 total views, 5 today


Jason Solomon

Fighting out of the biggest fight promotion in India, SFL and also slowing becoming one of the biggest organisations in the world. I have massed together an und...

1218 total views, 6 today

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Louis Pinohsta

At first glance of my record, most think that I am not a capable fighter, however this is not the case it is due to my tendacy to brawl and put on exciting figh...

586 total views, 1 today

Matthew Golden

Matthew Golden

I believe I am an up and coming fighter. I fought for years then I took a break while I served in the army overseas. I never underestimate my opponent as you ne...

336 total views, 0 today


Timothy Bussell

Im an Amateur MMA fighter with the upmost desire to be the best. At a very young age, my life began drowning me with traumatic events. With every obstacle that ...

545 total views, 1 today


David Bosnick

I eat,sleep, and dream fighting. I'm a black belt. My boxing record was 21-10. My amateur mma record was 11-2.I hold 3 title belts. And my current Pro record i...

211 total views, 1 today


Anthony Diguera

Training under the tutelage of one of the greatest in the sport, Cung Le, I have been lucky enough to gain some of the greatest stand up techniques in the world...

887 total views, 1 today

Jonathan Rivera

I'm 4-0 record pro My next fight will be with Bellator They say I'm fighting sept 19 Hard working kid Dedicated to this sport

297 total views, 0 today


Shuki Morikawa

As an adovcate of exciting fights, this has caused me to lose a few times in my career, however the nature of my fights led to me being a very popular fighter a...

906 total views, 0 today


Ryan Anthony

Ryan Anthony is a phenomenal fighter and is no doubt rising quickly to become an MMA star. He's equipped with undeniable talent and an unstoppable attitude that...

177 total views, 1 today


Richard Lemos

Undefeated young prospect, approaching the prime in my career training out of one of the best camps in portugal

1042 total views, 0 today


Shaun gollins

I am training 6 times a week very confident but also so get very nervous lol I need sponsors not just for my self but for my club were trying to help the local ...

386 total views, 0 today

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