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Jason Ackerman

I'm an exciting fighter, with ALL of my fights ending in finishes due strikes. 3X All-American wrestler. Current PFC HWT Champion, I have a title defense coming...

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My name is dionisis igiannidis . I’m an amateur in Russia . I have 11 wins and 0 loss. My experience engaging my fan base will enhance your relationship with...

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Stuart Austin

I am a young heavyweight Pro MMA fighter looking to progress to the highest level of fighting. I have an aggressive and exciting style fight style that is popul...

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Danny Williams

Dedicated, self motivated and believe that competing in Mma is what I was born to do win or lose

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Judah Anderson

Judah Anderson

My first professional fight will be July 25th, 2015 in Miami, FL. I am a go getter and wil take on any fight with open arms. I was born in Oakland, CA and soon...

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BFL 33 Win

Kevin Kellerman

I am a twenty year old mixed martial arts fighting training every day to make a name for myself in this sport. Receiving a sponsorship will allow me to spend le...

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New IT Fight Series Light Heavyweight Champ

Lance Phillips

Great social media following on Facebook and Twitter. Personal brand strategically focused on all things hillbilly: from fishing, hunting, and beer drinking to ...

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Im 1-0 as a pro my pro win i finished by kimura My amateur record was 4-2 2-ko- both ko of night 2-submissions- both submission of the night My 2 losses ca...

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bran perrin

I am a hardworking fighter who needs that chance to make it big as i fully belive with the right backing i will make it to the top of the sport,all that is miss...

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cj ross

I'm a freestyle mma fighter with mad stats that are impresive n the cage is the only place I feel safe n I'm one of few Australians that can rise above n hit my...

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Aden Bishop

I am a young and upcoming mma fighter. I am only 7 but I want to be the best mma fighter of all time. I train 5 days a week in mma, jui jitsui,wrestling,muay th...

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Dwight Anderson

I'm charismatic, well spoken and I ALWAYS put on exciting fights. Besides that, I compete in the biggest promotion in WI and it allows me to be seen by a bigger...

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Dennis Paiva

With nearly 10 fights at the young age of 23, you could say that I live to fight, it is this passion that makes me hunt for the finish in all of my fights

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Kuldeep Singh Sekhon

An undefeated newcomer to the sport, I have so far used my wrestling to break the will of my opponents before getting the finish in the later rounds. This is ac...

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Paula Lanko

Womens MMA is currently at its infant stage however as more sponsors begin to turn toward this new division in MMA, it helps the division to grow. Which is the ...

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Brogan Walker

I look forward to representing Women's MMA with deep respect, pride and dignity. I have and continue to train 6 days a week over the last 5 years and I am looki...

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Sandeep Kumar

Four wins and four knockouts its safe to say that I bring excitement every time I step into the cage, I am fan favourite and look the please the crowd with ever...

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Juan Queresma

Having started my MMA career later in my life than most up and coming fighters, one would think that I possess less skills than another fighter at a similar age...

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Callum Grant

Holding a number of titles from many organisations in the Australia and Oceania region, I have been able to mass together a very high quality skill set from all...

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Jason Solomon

Fighting out of the biggest fight promotion in India, SFL and also slowing becoming one of the biggest organisations in the world. I have massed together an und...

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Michael Cham

With the flyweights only being established in the UFC a short while ago, the division isn't extremely deep meaning with only a win or two I could see myself in ...

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jack grant

Jack Grant

My name is Jack Grant I am a 22 year old Mixed Martial Artist who fights out of Fight Ministry Cleethorpes. I am a regular competitor in MMA & Brazilian ...

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oakley vault

oakley sunglasses outlet oakley usa m frame oakley shaun white oakley sunglasses old oakley sunglasses oakley sideways sunglasses oakley oakley sunglasses oakle...

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Phillip Alex Acero Jr.

I want to be sponsored for my first fight. I have 7 gold medals in multiple No-Gi grappling tournaments. My matches always keep you at the edge of your seat. I ...

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From my last fight in august

Joshua Easterly

Now that I have a full time gym to train at, and a good group of training partners my training has gone to a whole new level. My coach is also the owner of the ...

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Francois Kabulu

The main reason that I am seeking sponsorship is to help support the African MMA scene, which has been under the radar to most. I believe that with more African...

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Joe Taylor

I am a young fighter looking to make it I have great heart with a great support unit for my mma I am in the gym training or Im fighting an the little time I hav...

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Ryan “Mayhem” Fusco

I believe I should be sponsored because I have heart. A passion and love for mixed martial arts. I live to train and train to live. I step into the cage and all...

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Michael Edward Smith Jr

I'm a flyweight standing at 6'0 I have always been told that I'll never be anything I'm my life being I was raised in Foster Care I want to show that it doesn't...

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I am always aiming to finish fights and out of my 6 fights so far I have finished 4 by submission. I am the most well rounded fighter out there, I will prove th...

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